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Health & Safety Policy


Introduction and scope

The English Arts Chorale Association (EACA) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all those involved in the activities it organises.

·         This includes but is not limited to: members, staff (including freelance), volunteers and members of the public.

·         This includes but is not limited to: rehearsals, concerts and fundraising events.


·         Overall responsibility for health and safety sits with the EACA Committee.

·         Responsibility for monitoring and ensuring that this policy is put into practice at events and activities organised by the EACA sits with Nyren Scott- Malden ( projects@englisharts.org ).

Statements of general policy

1.    The EACA will seek to prevent accidents and cases of ill-health by managing the health and safety at events and activities it organises. Appropriate risk assessments will be completed for events and activities. Where regular venues are used the risk assessment will be reviewed on an annual basis or sooner if required.  Risk assessments will include the communication of fire procedures including evacuation at each venue.

2.    The EACA will provide clear instructions and information to ensure that members, staff and volunteers are able to carry out EACA associated activities in a healthy and safe manner.

3.    The EACA will engage and consult with members, staff and volunteers on health and safety conditions.

4.    The EACA will implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident, ensuring that at least one individual is responsible for knowing fire procedures for hired venues and for communicating them to those present.

5.    The EACA will maintain safe and healthy conditions providing and ensuring maintenance, safe storage and safe handling of equipment, whether hired or owned by the EACA.

6.    The EACA will maintain registers of members' emergency contacts for those who have opted to provide them, to be used in case of a medical or other emergency during an EAC activity.

7.    Members and visiting singers are encouraged to be vaccinated (including a booster) against Covid-19 if eligible. The EACA Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found here ►   

 First Aid

·         The EACA will ensure there is a first-aider at all rehearsals and events and that they are aware of First Aid procedures, and kits and equipment at hired venues.

·         The EACA will maintain a list of members and volunteers with First Aid experience

·         Where appropriate (e.g. for large events), the EACA will train members or volunteers in First Aid or work with professional First Aid organisations.

·         Practical responsibility for First Aid lies with Christina Oyebode, supported by a team of volunteers with first aid experience..

Accidents and near misses

·         All accidents and near misses should be reported via a standard form downloadable from here. Records will be kept and retained in a secure, password-protected area of the website.

·         EACA will ensure that all accidents and near misses are investigated and appropriate action taken to minimise the risk of a recurrence.

Sound safety

The EACA takes the responsibility of protecting the hearing of members, staff, volunteers and audience members seriously. We will:

·         Ensure there are open lines of communication for individuals to raise concerns about sound levels to minimise risk.

·         Take into account the protection of both participants’ and audience’s hearing when designing stage and audience layout for concerts.

Child Protection – see EAC Safeguarding Policy

·         Safeguarding lead: Claire Kelly

Food Hygiene

·        The EACA will ensure that food preparation is overseen by a member with an appropriate food hygiene qualification and allergen training.

·         Appropriate risk assessments will be put in place prior to each event.

Risk Assessments

·         The EACA will review annually risk assessments across all areas of operation.

·         Where completed risk assessments indicate that action is needed to reduce or eliminate risk, the Chairman of the EACA will instigate corrective action within a reasonable timescale.


Approved 16 January 2024



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