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RSS Feeds

Online news columns, known as blogs, can keep you up-to-date with your favourite organisations and interests. These blogs may be published as RSS Feeds, which can be picked up and aggregated by dedicated pieces of software. Since browsers withdrew native support for RSS Feeds, it is now a little more complicated to get notification of new blog entries sent to you automatically - but it's not impossible. You need to install an RSS Feed Reader as a browser extension or app. You then tell this Reader which Feeds you want to monitor, and, if you want, the Reader can notify you each time a new blog post is detected.

Example RSS Feed Reader extensions are Feedbro and Feedly. You can either invoke the extension when you are on the website containing the RSS Feed, or you can key in the URL of the Feed. URLs for EAC Feeds are shown below.


EAC News                       https://www.englisharts.org/rss/eacnews