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Equal Opportunities Policy


The English Arts Chorale Association (EACA) is the Charitable Incorporated Organisation that incorporates the English Arts Chorale. The EACA may also operate other organisations to fulfil its Objects; "to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art of music in all its aspects".

Equality of Opportunity

The English Arts Chorale Association (EACA) is a music group open to all, subject to its membership criteria (see below). We aim to treat our members, volunteers and supporters equally regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, class or socio-economic background.

The Chair of the Trustees is responsible for providing advice and guidance on equality and diversity issues, and for ensuring the Equal Opportunities Policy is kept up to date.

The EACA aims to:

  • promote equality for its members and potential members in access to membership and musical activities and opportunities within the membership criteria.
  • ensure no member or potential member will receive less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by the criteria and characteristics set out in the introduction within the membership criteria.
  • ensure no individual wishing to volunteer or work for (including on a freelance basis) the EACA will receive less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by the criteria and characteristics set out in the aims.

Inclusion and respect
The EACA values its members, volunteers and supporters and will do all it can to:

  • treat them in a respectful manner and ensure they are made to feel equally welcome and included in all activities.
  • provide an environment in which the contribution and needs of everyone are fully valued and recognised.

Accordingly all members, staff volunteers, supporters and those representing the EACA are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity and ensure activities are welcoming and inclusive for all.

Inappropriate, violent or abusive behaviour or otherwise offensive and inflammatory remarks and behaviour are not acceptable. These constitute harassment, and have no place in the EACA.

The EACA will support our members, volunteers and supporters in not tolerating any inappropriate, violent or abusive behaviour from other group members, volunteers, colleagues, other organisations or customers.

Membership Criteria
The Artistic Director is responsible for the procedure and criteria for the admission of members to the EACA’s performing groups, and for the retention of membership.

The EACA aims to use venues that are accessible to all for rehearsals, concerts and any other activities or events it undertakes, however access cannot be guaranteed. Where possible details of accessibility will be ascertained for each venue and published in the appropriate place on our website.

Dealing with Complaints
We will take complaints of discrimination and harassment seriously, and will investigate the complaint, listening to all parties involved:

  • If the complaint is against a committee member, that member will not be part of the investigation.
  • If the complaint is against an individual, that individual will have the opportunity to express their point of view in a safe environment and accompanied by a friend.
  • The person making the complaint will have the same opportunity.
  • If a complaint is found against the EACA, the committee must work to ensure that such discrimination is not repeated in the future, and must inform the members of how they propose to do this.


How to Complain
If any member, volunteer or supporter feels they have been discriminated against or harassed in any way they should follow our Complaints Procedure.

Approved 20 October 2023



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