English Arts Chorale

Passionate about Singing?

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey like no other? Join a thriving community of like-minded musicians and experience the joy of singing a diverse repertoire that spans classical, traditional and contemporary genres.

Why Audition?

Our auditioned choir is not just about singing - it's about pushing the boundaries of your musical talent to achieve excellence. Auditions ensure a community of individuals deeply committed to music and aspiring to give of their best.

The Audition Process     


Build Lifelong Friendships

Joining the EAC isn't just about the music - it's about building lasting friendships with fellow musicians who share your love for singing. You'll become part of a tight-knit community where you'll create unforgettable memories, both on and off the stage.


Perform on Prestigious Stages

The EAC has a rich history of performing at renowned venues and events. From concert halls to cathedrals, our members have the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wide audience.

What our members like about the EAC

"I enjoy singing alongside a lovely group of people in a friendly environment"

"I love being able to sing with a group of singers who can produce such quality of sound"

"It's important to me to have something creative to focus on outside work and home"

An illuminated manuscript in the Piccolomini Library

What our audience say about the EAC

"An incredibly moving and top-class performance"

"This my first EAC concert and will definitely return again . . . so much amazing talent and all on my doorstep!"

". . a stunning concert yesterday. What a fantastic choir you are"



EAC Membership - The Practicalities

Rehearsals:  We rehearse on Monday evenings from 7.44 - 10pm, normally at Wray Common Primary School, Kendal Close, Reigate, RH2 0LR.

Cost:  £24 per month with generous concessions for the under-30s and students in full-time education.


So, don't let your singing potential remain hidden. Join us and take your passion for music to the next level!

Email membership@englisharts.org to arrange three free "taster" rehearsals, or complete our online form.