English Arts Chorale

The English Arts Chorale ended the season with an enchanting concert with a French theme. Choral performances of Duruflé’s Requiem and Poulenc’s Gloria, led by Leslie Olive, Jonathan Lilley's mesmerising organ piece and Jay Britton's solo singing were all applauded with great enthusiasm. 

The end of season party, a delightful celebration that followed the concert, proved to be a resounding success. A huge thank you to Hazel, one of the EAC altos, for masterminding a spread of French pâté, cheeses, cornichons, French bread, wine and more.

To its audience, the EAC expresses profound gratitude for their steadfast support throughout the season. As the curtains fall on this exceptional season, the EAC eagerly looks forward to unveiling an equally special lineup of concerts and workshops. With the promise of more captivating performances and enriching musical experiences, we invite you to join us as we continue to celebrate the timeless beauty of choral singing.

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